Baka health plummets due to conservation

Baka are illegally evicted for nature conservation and their health plummets as a result

Tribal Voice

Tribal Voice

Bronx Zoo organization complicit in abuse of Bayaka “Pygmies”

The Wildlife Conservation Society is complicit in the abuse of Bayaka "Pygmies"

Baka “Pygmy” speaks out against destructive loggers

Logging is destroying the Baka's ancestral homelands. Why then is the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) partnering with the logging companies?

Baka “Pygmy” speaks out as girl dies in the name of conservation

A young Baka girl and elderly Baka man die days after being beaten by an anti-poaching squad

Baka “Pygmy” father speaks out against WWF-funded abuse

Djami, a Baka "Pygmy," explains how conservation is devastating his community in Cameroon.

Human rights abuse and trophy hunting in Cameroon

An elephant-hunting safari operation jointly owned by a French billionaire has been implicated in human rights abuse.

Please join the movement today

Oscar-winning actor & Survival Ambassador makes an urgent appeal for Survival International.

NO to PEC 215!

Adalto Guarani asks people around the world to help stop plans which could destroy Brazilian Indians' lands and lives.

Pire’i Awá – Success!

Pire'i Awá describes life for his people in the north-eastern Amazon rainforest, after the eviction of thousands of loggers from one of their territories.

The Last of the Kawahiva

Girl jumps off El Capitan, but you’ll never guess why

Irahoa’s Story

Soon after first contact, Irahoa Awá recounts his life on the run in the forest.

Baka call on WWF to stop funding anti-poaching squads

Baka from southeast Cameroon call upon WWF to stop funding anti-poaching squads.

Maybe we will die

Kwegu tribespeople in Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley report that they are starving as a result of being forced from their land and of the irrigated plantations that are drying up the river on which they depend.

Bayaka and Baiga speak out about abuse in the name of “conservation”

Watch Bayaka "Pygmies" and Baiga speak out about the abuse by wildlife guards, and harassment to leave their lands.

“We are humans too.”

Guarani Leader Eliseu Lopes describes his tribe's quest to return to their ancestral land.

Baka suffer abuse in the name of conservation

Baka recount the abuse they suffer at the hands of anti-poaching squads supported by WWF.

Tribal families evicted for “tiger conservation”

Moving first-hand accounts by the residents of Jholar village in Kanha tiger reserve, who have now been evicted (filmed in 2012)

Interview with Kayapó leader Raoni Metuktire

Raoni talks about threats to uncontacted tribes in Brazil and the impacts of the controversial Belo Monte dam

The Dark side of Brazil

Kayapó leader Megaron Txukaramae talks about the draft bills that threaten to weaken indigenous people’s control over their land

Saving the Awá tribe

Film about Survival’s successful campaign to protect the Awá’s land made by the BBC.

Earth’s most threatened tribe: the campaign triumphs!

Brazil's government bows to the global campaign and expels all illegal loggers.

‘Primitive’ (PSA)

Is it so strange that some people don't want to join the mainstream?

The Falling Sky

A book that tells the story of Yanomami shaman Davi Kopenawa.

“We will fight to return”

Guarani leader Damiana is leading her community in a fight to return to their ancestral lands.

Uncontacted Matsés

The Matsés tribe are concerned about oil exploration in their territory

Lodu Sikaka

Dongria Kondh leader's refusal to allow the mining of Niyamgiri.

Time is running out for the Awá

Pire'i Ma'a is sending an urgent message from the Awá tribe.


Matsés woman Antonina Duni Goya Nesho talks about her son's future

Message to Anil Agarwal

The Dongria tell the Vedanta chairman to leave them in peace.

The land is…

The history of the world’s tribal lands in under 60 seconds

The Experiment

What if...?

Seeing (PSA)

There are many different ways of living on this planet, who's to say their way is best?

Strength In Numbers

How did the Dongria tribe take on a huge multinational corporation - and win?

The International Law

ILO169 is the only international law that can secure tribal peoples' land rights but most governments refuse to ratify it.

Life in a bubble?

The Zo'é are one of the most isolated of all contacted tribes in Brazil. But are the authorities keeping them in a bubble, away from the rest of society?

Akuntsu’s Last Dance

In a small patch of rainforest in Brazil, the last survivors of a genocide dance.

On the Edge

Logging is threatening the future of the Awá, one of Brazil's last hunter-gatherer tribes.

Uncontacted Chaco

Forest Beekeepers

'Conservation' measures threaten Kenya's Ogiek tribe with eviction from their forest home.

A message from Lodu

‘One must have courage’

The Things They Said

The Gunmen

Brutal Evictions

Last of the Bo Tribe Sings

‘Before we knew it, we’d all caught pneumonia.’

Bina Matis tells how many of his tribe caught diseases immediately after first contact.

Survival’s Greenwashing Award

Beast with Metal Skin

‘Blood flows for our land’

Behind the Lies

Crisis Point

‘His voice is not silenced.’


‘No people is better than another.’

A Tragic First Contact

‘Our land is our heritage.’

‘We live for our Niyamgiri’

‘Not even this handful of soil’

Encounters with the Uncontacted

Swidden Farming

‘It was beautiful here’

Contact and Death in the Amazon

Most Isolated

Black Oil, Red Gold

Virgin Forest

The Evidence

On the Run

An appeal

Death at Devil’s Bend

A Poison to the Penan