Bruce Parry brings together music world's brightest stars for 'Survival' album

September 15, 2008

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Bruce Parry, star of the BBC series ‘Tribe’ and ‘Amazon’, has teamed up with some of the music world’s brightest stars to create a fundraising album for Survival International, entitled "Amazon/Tribe – Songs for Survival".

Bruce has worked with producer Martin Terefe on the album that includes KT Tunstall, (Black Eyed Peas), Johnny Borrell (Razorlight), Tom Baxter, Mystery Jets, Jason Mraz, Yusuf Islam, Hot Chip, the Go! Team and Mike Oldfield.

In addition, Guy Berryman, Jonas Bjerre (MEW) and Magne F. (A-ha) have formed a new band specially for the CD called Apparatjik, and recorded a track that will also be used for the end credits of ‘Amazon’. Every track on the album is exclusive, and has been written especially for the project.

The first CD of the album is titled ‘Amazon’ and features songs inspired by Bruce Parry’s new series of the same name, to be shown on BBC2 in the UK from 15 September. The second CD, entitled ‘Tribe’, is a collection of dance/experimental songs which all use samples of music Bruce recorded when living with Indigenous people during the making of his hugely popular BBC show.

Bruce Parry has spent years immersing himself in some of the world’s most remote tribal cultures. His first hand experience of the threats so many tribal people face to their very survival lay behind his determination to help them. He says, ‘I’ve got so much from my time with tribal people that I really wanted to do something for them in return. Being able to bring together this fantastic group of musicians seemed like a brilliant way of doing that – and it’s been wonderful to see how they’ve been inspired, in turn, by some of the incredible tribal music we’ve recorded.’

Bruce Parry on 'Songs for Survival'

Bruce’s new six part series Amazon starts in the UK on BBC2 tonight. The album is also released on iTunes today, and the double CD will be released on 6 October. It can be pre-ordered now at or

Bruce Parry is available for interview.

Photos and video of some of the recording sessions are available.

More information is available from ‘Songs for Survival’ on Survival’s website.

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