Tribal peoples' water being destroyed by industry and governments

March 20, 2008

This page was created in 2008 and may contain language which is now outdated.

Survival International today releases a summary report which shows how tribal peoples are having their basic right to water denied.

The document is released to coincide with World Water Day (March 22). Taking examples from nine different tribes, it explains how industry and governments are destroying tribal peoples’ water sources.

The traditional water sources of tribal peoples are being polluted, diverted, or sometimes simply removed, by industry and governments in pursuit of their own interests. Water, which once brought communities to life, has been hijacked by self-interested organisations whilst tribal peoples are left to sicken, and die, on the sidelines.

All tribal peoples rely upon the water in their land to sustain them. It is crucial to their health, to their independence, to their very existence. And it is disappearing.

To read the complete summary report, click here