Survival tells UN Jarawa tribe could be ‘wiped out’

February 20, 2007

This page was created in 2007 and may contain language which is now outdated.

Survival International has submitted a report to the UN warning that the Jarawa tribe of the Andaman Islands could be ‘wiped out’ unless the Indian government acts to protect them. The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination will discuss India’s record on Friday.

The report describes the Jarawa’s future as ‘extremely precarious’. It warns that failure to close the road running through the Jarawa’s land and failure to keep poachers out leaves the 300 Jarawa at risk from exploitation and fatal diseases which could decimate their population. The Jarawa have suffered two measles epidemics in the last eight years.

Survival’s director Stephen Corry said today, ‘The Indian government has strong policies to protect the Jarawa. But without action to implement them the Jarawa may not survive. The extinction of entire tribes did not end with colonialism, and the Indian government must make sure that the Jarawa are not next in line.’

Survival has consultative status at the UN.

To download a copy of Survival’s report click here

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