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News from the Yanomami

Indians speak out against mining on their land

Indian leaders in Brazil are voicing their opposition to a draft law which if approved will allow mining in indigenous territories. Davi Yanomami spoke recently to a Survival researcher by telephone.

Supreme Court upholds genocide ruling

Brazil’s highest court, the Federal Supreme Court, yesterday upheld the conviction of genocide against four goldminers who murdered 16 Yanomami Indians in 1993.

Yanomami commit suicide

Four Sanuma Indians in northern Brazil have committed suicide since last August. Suicide is virtually unheard of amongst the Sanuma, one of the four groups which make up the Yanomami tribe.

10-year-old is latest victim in wave of Indian murders

South America celebrates Columbus Day on Sunday 12 October - only days after a ten-year-old Brazilian Indian became the latest victim in a spate of killings and persecution of South American Indians.

Racist comment on BBC fuels unfounded stereotype of Amazonian tribe

The Yanomami tribe of the Amazon rainforest were branded 'the meanest people on the planet' in a racist insult broadcast on the BBC this morning. The remark, made by Dirk Wittenborn, author of the novel 'Fierce People', was completely without foundation.

Yanomami health budget restored

The Brazilian government's health authority has reversed an earlier decision to cut funding for health care for the Yanomami Indians.