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News from the Yanomami

Yanomami denounce illegal gold miners

Two Yanomami Indian communities have written to the Brazilian government, denouncing the invasion of their land by illegal gold miners.

Yanomami slam government over mining

Yanomami and Yekuana Indians from two communities have denounced the Brazilian government’s attempts to persuade them to accept large-scale mining on their land.

UK’s Channel 4 to expose mining on Yanomami land

The acclaimed Channel 4 current affairs series, ‘Unreported World’, is to broadcast a documentary tomorrow exposing the devastating effects of illegal goldmining on the land of the Yanomami Indians in the Brazilian Amazon.

Davi Kopenawa Yanomami threatened with death

A rancher who is illegally occupying land within the Yanomami indigenous territory in Brazil has threatened to kill renowned Yanomami leader Davi Kopenawa.

Police arrest health officials for fraud

Federal police in Brazil arrested 35 people suspected of misappropriation of funds from the National Health Foundation, FUNASA, in the state of Roraima yesterday.