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News from the Jarawa

Andaman tribes who survived tsunami ‘may be wiped out’

The remote tribes of the Andaman Islands, famous for shooting arrows at a patrolling helicopter following last year’s December 26 tsunami, are in danger of being wiped out completely by settlers invading their land.

Nine isolated Shompen died in tsunami

Officials on the Nicobar Islands have confirmed that nine members of the isolated Shompen tribe died in the 26 December tsunami last year.

Poachers raid Jarawa reserve

A group of poachers recently entered a settlement of the isolated Jarawa tribe on the Andaman islands and stole honey collected by the group.

New baby is a sign of hope for the Onge

A new baby has been born to the Onge tribe of the Andaman Islands. The Onge's numbers have plummeted in the past century and their birth rate is very low, so the birth, which brings the population to 97, is a cause for hope.

Andaman island tribe moved to capital

One of the four 'Negrito' tribes of the Andaman Islands have been moved to the Islands' capital, Port Blair, by the local authorities.

Campaign wins back land for isolated tribe

Authorities in India have bowed to local and international pressure and increased the size of the reserve set aside for the recently-contacted Jarawa tribe.