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News from the Jarawa

Andaman tribesman presumed dead after conflict with poachers

A man from the remote Jarawa tribe on the Andaman Islands in India is missing and presumed dead following a conflict with a group of poachers who were fishing illegally on their land. Police have arrested the poachers.

Jarawa tribe apprehend poachers

Frustrated by the invasion of their land by outsiders, members of the Jarawa tribe of the Andaman Islands, India, have apprehended two groups of poachers in their reserve.

Andaman Islands defy Supreme Court on Jarawa

This week marks the fifth anniversary of an order by the Supreme Court of India that an Andaman Islands highway, which threatens the lives of the Jarawa tribe, must close. The government has defied the order, and the road remains open.

Canadian tribe reaches out to Jarawa

A leader from the Innu tribe of sub-arctic eastern Canada has made a heartfelt plea to the Indian government to protect the Jarawa of the Andaman Islands, published last week in the Times of India.