Botswana: newspaper reports on horrific Bushman torture

June 30, 2005

This page was created in 2005 and may contain language which is now outdated.

Botswana newspaper The Voice today reported on Bushmen in the Khutse Game Reserve being tortured by wildlife scouts for hunting game.

The newspaper quotes Bushman Tsuoo Tshiamo as saying: "They shackled my hands and ankles together before cuffing me to a land cruiser bull bar. They drove for a kilometre like that. I was in agony." He added: "They kicked me so badly around the kidneys, I couldn't urinate."

Other Bushmen who have been tortured are Meno Tshiamo, 27, Bohelelo Tshiamo, 19, Kganne Kgadikgadi, 32, Sabokuna Morwalela, 30, Letshwao Nagayame, early 60s, and Moaramo Nagayame.

Letshwao Nagayame said: "The officials pulled my testicles and penis, beat me up, and kicked me, while one man smashed my knuckles on the hard floor." He also said that wildlife personnel had poured petrol into his brother's anus.

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The First People of the Kalahari today issued a press release on the torture incident.