Iman turns into a 'Bushman'

October 29, 2002

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De Beers' new London store targeted

De Beers faces embarrassment this morning as supporters of the Kalahari 'Bushmen' have sabotaged the hoarding covering its flagship new retail outlet on the corner of Piccadilly and Old Bond St.

On the hoarding, in place of an image of model Iman wearing a large diamond, there has appeared a giant-sized picture of a Bushman woman and the slogan, 'The Bushmen Aren't Forever.'

De Beers, whose store is due to open on 21st November, has been caught in a storm of controversy over the eviction earlier this year of most of the last remaining Gana and Gwi Bushmen and Bakgalagadi from their homes in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana. De Beers holds the concession on a large diamond deposit in the Reserve, and is prospecting for more.

The Botswana government and De Beers both deny that diamonds have anything to do with the evictions. Yet Bushmen have been told by government officials, 'If diamonds are found somewhere, the people have to be chased away.'

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