Commission investigates abuses in West Papua

August 18, 2008

This page was created in 2008 and may contain language which is now outdated.

Indonesia's National Commission on Human RIghts is currently investigating human rights violations and atrocities in West Papua.

Research is being carried out on atrocities committed between 1963 and 2002. The results will be presented at a meeting this month.

Reports say the Commission's research has been met with protests by the Attorney-General's Office (AGO) in Jakarta, which holds different views from the Commission on past rights abuses.

'What the AGO wants are legally recognized facts and physical evidence, not just reports and assumptions,' said an AGO spokesperson. 'People can say this or that, but where is the proof?'

The people in West Papua have been the victims of human rights atrocities committed by the Indonesian military and police for forty-five years. Those who stand up to protest against this brutality are regularly tortured and killed.

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