Reports of uncontacted Indians seen by oil workers

July 24, 2008

According to AIDESEP, the uncontacted Indians were spotted by workers sub-contracted by Repsol-YPF. © Survival

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Uncontacted Indians have been spotted by oil workers in the remote Peruvian Amazon, according to Peru’s national Amazon Indian organisation, AIDESEP.

Reports say that the Indians were spotted by workers from Global, a company sub-contracted by Repsol-YPF to explore for oil in northern Peru. In a court case brought by AIDESEP against Repsol-YPF and other companies working in the region, company lawyers recently claimed no uncontacted tribes live there.

Two ‘naked’ Indians were spotted on two distinct occasions between fifteen and twenty kilometres from the border with Ecuador. The sightings were brief and at a distance, and on both occasions the Indians were seen crossing seismic lines identified by the oil workers.

The sightings were not reported by Repsol-YPF, AIDESEP says.

To read AIDESEP’s statement (in Spanish) in full, click here.

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