Bushmen return to London

January 7, 2004

This page was created in 2004 and may contain language which is now outdated.

Survival International and Rebecca Hossack are proud to announce 'Survival', an exhibition of Bushmen art, embroidery and jewellery.

The exhibition opens at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery, 35 Windmill Street, London W1, on Thursday 22 January 2004, and runs until 28 February. Proceeds will support human rights organisation Survival International.

Australian born Rebecca, former cultural attache at the Australia High Commission in London, has long been a supporter of Indigenous art. In the 1990s she held the first exhibition of Bushman art in London. Working with the Bushmen and Survival International, she held two very successful exhibitions in 1994 at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery and the Barbican. The highly acclaimed exhibitions received a lot of interest and all the work was sold.

The 2004 'Survival' exhibition is a collaboration between jewellery designer Pippa Small and the Bushmen. Pippa spent a month with Bushmen at the Kuru Development Trust in Botswana working with them to produce the stunning jewellery, embroidery and art which will go on show.

Pippa says: "Having spent time with many different peoples from the Penan of Borneo to the Nagas of Northeast India, I continue to dedicate part of my time to working with Indigenous peoples. This combines well with making jewellery as adornment is an important part of all peoples sense of self, expression and identity."

Rebecca says: "I am immensely proud to be supporting the Bushmen as they fight to maintain their identity.They are being harassed and evicted from their ancestral lands by a government that openly declares its intention of finishing with their way of life. Their art is a testament to the strength of their cultures."

Survival International is the worldwide voice for tribal peoples, protecting their lives, lands and rights since 1969.

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