Bushmen renew appeal to DiCaprio as diamond companies move in

December 5, 2006

This page was created in 2006 and may contain language which is now outdated.

The Kalahari Bushmen have renewed their desperate appeal to Leonardo DiCaprio as diamond companies begin exploration on their land.

DiCaprio’s film Blood Diamond is to be released in the US on Friday 8 December. The Bushmen appealed to him in September with an ad in Variety magazine. After learning about new diamond exploration on their land, they have written again asking for his help to return to their land.

‘We just learned that Botswana government gave out more of our land to a company called Petra Diamonds which is exploring for diamonds right now. We are angry and upset about this. These are conflict diamonds because diamonds are the root of our sorrow and pain. They caused us to be moved from the land of our ancestors. We say these diamonds are killing us the Bushmen.

‘We ask you to please, please help us. We think people will listen to you because you are famous and respected.’

The Bushmen have taken the Botswana government to court over the evictions. The Botswana High Court will rule on 13 December (https://www.survival-international.org/bushmenpresspack).

Comments from over 400 Bushman adults, who together with their children number around 1,000 people, can be seen on their website https://www.iwant2gohome.org

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