Supreme Court blow to Makuxi Indians

January 5, 2005

This page was created in 2005 and may contain language which is now outdated.

In a shocking blow to thousands of Indians, on January 3rd a Supreme Court judge suspended the official demarcation of the Raposa-Serra do Sol Indian territory, just a few days before it was expected to be complete. The ruling has been welcomed by the thousands of ranchers and settlers who now occupy the area and who have been responsible for numerous attacks on the Indians.

The decision came at the request of a state senator who is one of the settlers' most vociferous supporters. Until the judge's ruling, the territory only needed the signature of Brazil's president formally to approve or ratify the demarcation. The Indigenous Council of Roraima are very concerned that the judge's ruling will give the green light for more settlers to invade the land and commit further acts of violence against the Indians. All the Supreme Court judges are due to meet in February to review the verdict.

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Indians of Raposa–Serra do Sol