Gana and Gwi Bushmen appeal to UK's black population

November 22, 2004

This page was created in 2004 and may contain language which is now outdated.

Gana Bushman Roy Sesana has appealed to the UK's black population to support his people's fight to return to their land. In an interview published in The Voice, the UK's biggest black newspaper, Sesana asks black people living in the UK not to buy diamonds from De Beers, and to put pressure on their local MPs to support the Gana and Gwi.

Sesana says, 'Our government says that we are holding on to our old way of life but they are killing our culture. There is an old saying that a nation without culture is dead. That's what's happening to us. We are dying.'

He also points out that despite Botswana having gained its independence decades ago, the Bushmen still experience oppression and persecution.

Jumanda Gakelebone adds, 'We are afraid for our people. We feel as if we have no future without our ancestral land. Our children and grandchildren are going to grow up without knowing who they really are.'

During their recent visit to the UK, the two Bushmen met with the UK's most prominent black MP, Diane Abbott.

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