Write a letter for the Ayoreo

1. Write your letter, then 2. Complete it and 3. Mail it

Satellite images have caught Brazilian cattle ranching firm Yaguarete Porá S.A. illegally clearing land inhabited by uncontacted Indians in Paraguay.

Contacted members of the Ayoreo tribe have been claiming title to land owned by the company for twenty years. For those Ayoreo who remain uncontacted, it’s a matter of life and death: they could be wiped out if forced contact is made, as uncontacted tribes lack immunity to diseases brought by outsiders. Many Ayoreo have died as a result of unwanted contact.

How you can help

Please write a letter to Yaguarete boss, Marcelo Bastos Ferraz, asking that he immediately suspend all work on the Ayoreo’s ancestral land, and return his property to its rightful owners.

You can use the following text as a template, or write your own:

Marcelo Bastos Ferraz
Luis de Morales Nº 835
Entre Luis de Granada y Sargento Gauto

September 27, 2021

Dear Mr Bastos Ferraz

Will my letter make a difference?
Yes. Time and again, letters from Survival supporters have called governments and organisations to account. Policies have changed and lives have been saved.

Post or email?
We always provide an email address where we can get one, and where we think a message will get through. Sometimes we provide a postal address too. Posting a letter is always the most effective way of making your views known, by far. If you can, please post a letter.