Petrolifera - Canadian oil firm in Peru

Petrolifera is a Canadian company exploring for oil on land inhabited by uncontacted Cacataibo Indians in Peru.

Despite being condemned by a local Indigenous organisation, Petrolifera is determined to work in the region. Some seismic tests have already been carried out.

This page was created in 2019 and may contain language which is now outdated.

The "existence of the uncontacted Cacataibo is clear":/tribes/isolatedperu/theevidence. One organization in Peru, the IBC, has collected many testimonies proving their existence. These Indians were cut off from other members of the Cacataibo tribe in the first half of the 20th century, and were then split into two groups by a highway running from a jungle town, Pucallpa, to the capital city, Lima. The two groups have been separated ever since. The Cacataibo are trapped and losing land on all sides. In addition to Petrolifera, loggers and colonists are also invading their territory.h2. From the web * "*Petrolifera website*": h2. From Survival's website * "*Uncontacted tribes of Peru*":/tribes/isolatedperu * "*News: Government drops plans to open up uncontacted tribes’ reserves*":/news/3292 * "*Uncontacted Tribes campaign*":/campaigns/uncontactedtribes

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