Letter from the Enawene Nawe

The consultants for the dams have been to our village, Halaitakwa.
They did not speak clearly and did not explain things well.
They should not tell us lies.
We want to find fish scientists.
We want water scientists.
We want forest scientists.
We also want animal scientists.
And those who know about honey and bees.
We also want people who know about diseases transmitted by water.
We want people who really know what they are talking about.
We do not want people who are muddle-headed.
We are intelligent.
We want to speak to the consultants for the dams.
But they want to do everything fast.
We do not think like this.
We also want to see the documents produced by scientists.
We are not stupid.
We have spoken with the Myky people.
They are thinking in the same way as we are.
We have listened to the Rikbatsa people too.
They are also of the same opinion.
And so are the Nambikwara people.
Why is it that the government wants the dams so quickly and yet does not want to demarcate the Adowina which is our land?
This is not the way to do things. The Adowina is extremely important to us.
We want to speak to the Ministry for Public Affairs about all of this.

Atainaene – Enawene-Nawe
Olodoliene – Enawene-Nawe
11 April 2007