Thank you so much for your interest in running the London Marathon for Survival. It's one of the largest charity events in the world – since it started over £1 billion has been raised for good causes. Charities like Survival bid for places annually and give them out to supporters who wish to run.

As these places are very coveted, we do ask that our runners pay a £150 refundable deposit after their registration is accepted. We also ask that they agree to fundraise on our behalf to reach one of the pledged minimum fundraising commitments, starting from £2,000. The funds you raise will go directly to our campaigns that fight alongside tribal and Indigenous peoples all over the world. Whether you are in the UK or elsewhere, an expert runner or training for your first marathon, everyone is welcome!

Please complete the form below for a chance to become a Survival London Marathon runner. After filling in all the fields, read the terms and conditions below carefully as they contain information about fundraising during the marathon. Once you've completed registration, we'll let you know the outcome of your application.

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].  


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Please carefully read Survival’s T&CS London Marathon participation terms and conditions and sign your full name below. They outline important deadlines for fundraising and details about deposit refunds upon successfully completing fundraising.

Survival’s T&CS London Marathon participation terms and conditions

Minimum fundraising commitment

  1. Survival International has a limited number of Golden Bond places. You can apply if you pledge to compete in the 2024 TCS London Marathon for Survival, and pay in a declared sponsorship equal to or greater than the minimum fundraising commitment you selected in the form above (minimum £2,000). Matched funding does not count towards the minimum fundraising commitment.
  2. Survival International will determine eligible applicants based on a selection process that ensures that Golden Bond Places are used to the best possible effect.

£150 Deposit for registration

  1. You agree to pay a £150 deposit to Survival International as a guarantee that you will raise or exceed the amount you pledged in your application form. Survival International will refund your deposit no later than 28 days after you have paid in your pledged amount of sponsorship money.
  2. If your application is successful, Survival International will contact you to explain how to make your payment of the deposit. You must pay the deposit within 10 days of notification; otherwise, you may risk losing your guaranteed place to another applicant.
  3. You understand that Survival International reserves the right to keep all your £150 deposit if you pay less than your pledged amount on 31 July 2024. Additionally, you will have to fundraise and pay in:
    1. 20% of your pledged minimum fundraising commitment by 1 December 2023;
    2. 40% of your pledged minimum fundraising commitment by 1 February 2024;
    3. 50% of your pledged minimum fundraising commitment by 1 March 2024.
    Failure to achieve the fundraising thresholds by these dates may result in Survival International withdrawing your registration to the London Marathon and offering it to another registrant without refunding any donated amounts. This is to ensure that participants are able to fundraise the full amount by 31 July 2024 and that Survival does not incur costs.
  4. You understand that if you believe you are unable to meet the pledged minimum fundraising commitment by any of the above dates, you agree to withdraw your registration immediately. You understand that you will notify Survival International as soon as this becomes apparent.

Paying your sponsorship to Survival

  1. Any existing regular donations that you make to Survival do not form part of the total raised through sponsorship.
  2. Monies reclaimed by Survival under the HMRC Gift Aid scheme do not count towards the total value of your sponsorship.
  3. Survival will advise you on the recommended way(s) to pay in your sponsorship. This is to ensure that Survival can easily trace the funds that you pay in. Survival cannot be liable for cheques lost in the post, or monies paid to Survival in any way other than those specified by Survival.
    The amount, which Survival deems to have been raised by you, will be the amount that Survival has recognized as having been paid into its bank account by you.
  4. The payment deadline for sponsorship is 31 July 2024. If you need more time to collect sponsorship, please let Survival know in writing in advance of this date. Survival will refund your £150 deposit within 28 days of receiving sponsorship payments that equal or exceed the value of the amount that you pledge.

Cancelling a Golden Bond place

  1. If you cancel your Golden Bond place because you have gained your own place in the 2024 TCS London Marathon’s general ballot, and you are still running to raise funds for Survival, you must notify Survival by 31 January 2024. Survival will refund your £150 deposit and re-allocate your place to a runner on its reserve list. If you do not contact Survival by this date, you risk forfeiting part or all of your £150 deposit.
  2. If you decide not to run for Survival at any stage, your £150 deposit will not be refunded.
  3. If you sustain a training injury after 31 January 2024, please inform Survival in writing before race day. Please include a letter from your physician verifying your training injury. It is important that you do not take part in the 2024 TCS London Marathon unless you are completely fit to do so. Survival will defer your place and £150 deposit to the following year. However, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions that Survival publishes for the 2025 London Marathon. This includes any increase in the amount of sponsorship money you pledge to raise.
  4. You confirm you are age 18 or over.