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Stop the push for 30%

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At the next Convention on Biological Diversity summit, world leaders plan to agree turning 30% of the Earth into “Protected Areas” by 2030.

Big conservation NGOs say this will mitigate climate change, reduce wildlife loss, enhance biodiversity and so save our environment. They’re wrong.

Protected Areas will not save our planet. On the contrary, they will increase human suffering and so accelerate the destruction of the spaces they claim to protect because local opposition to them will grow.

It will be the biggest land grab in world history and it will reduce hundreds of millions of people to landless poverty.

Help us stop the #BigGreenLie. Please write to the UN, European and UK officials who hold the fate of millions of people in their hands.

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To: Elizabeth Mrema, Boris Johnson, Ursula Von der Leyen

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Dear Elizabeth Mrema, Boris Johnson and Ursula Von der Leyen,

I'm very concerned at the proposal to set aside 30% of the Earth as Protected Areas, which is likely to be agreed at the next Convention on Biological Diversity summit.

For local and indigenous peoples in Africa and Asia, the creation of Protected Areas on their lands has brought violence, hunger and plummeting health.

It's rarely been done with the consent of indigenous communities. There is no sign that it will be any different now. This will be the biggest land grab in history, and it will dispossess hundreds of millions of people, all in the name of conservation. And it won’t help the environment.

We urge you to drop the 30% target unless and until there are cast-iron safeguards for indigenous peoples and other local communities that will apply to all new and existing Protected Areas. Land ownership rights of tribal and indigenous peoples must be respected.

Tribal peoples are the best conservationists. Guaranteeing the protection of indigenous lands must be the principal mechanism for biodiversity conservation.