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Together, we can stop the Amazon burning


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Indigenous territories are going up in flames as illegal invaders, encouraged by Brazil’s President Bolsonaro, are clearing land for cattle and logging and deliberately destroying the land indigenous peoples have looked after for generations.

Without their forests, indigenous peoples cannot survive. Entire uncontacted tribes in the Amazon could be wiped out.

These fires are not just an environmental catastrophe, they’re potentially genocidal. The time to act is NOW.

Join indigenous peoples in the fight to #StopBrazilsGenocide : Tell President Bolsonaro and his ministers that the fires MUST be stopped and indigenous territories protected.

The attacks on the Amazon rainforest, the Pantanal wetlands, the Cerrado savanna and beyond are not only a threat to our indigenous allies, they’re a threat to all humanity.

Tribal peoples are on the frontline of this disaster. As Sonia Guajajara says: “We’re putting our bodies and our lives on the line to try and save our territories.”

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To: President Jair Bolsonaro, Minister André Mendonça and Minister Ricardo Salles

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Dear President Jair Bolsonaro, Minister André Mendonça and Minister Ricardo Salles,

I am alarmed and outraged about the fires ravaging indigenous territories across Brazil. Those in the Amazon rainforest threaten to wipe out uncontacted tribes. They are the most vulnerable peoples on the planet and without their forest, they won't survive.

Alongside indigenous peoples across Brazil, I urge you to direct attention and resources to extinguish the fires immediately, to bring to justice those responsible for the illegal burning of indigenous territories, to uphold Brazil’s constitution and the international laws Brazil has ratified, and to ensure that the land of uncontacted tribes – and all indigenous peoples – is protected.

Assaults on your country’s first peoples attack the heart and soul of your nation and are a threat to all humanity.